[vvc-l] Spranto HD is here! Trial licenses available

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Wed Jan 19 06:59:49 UTC 2011



Spranto Full HD softphone for windows is here.



While originally designed as a desktop client it has, after a few tweaks,
morphed into an interesting low cost room system option. 

You can deploy 20+ Spranto PC based room clients (with off the self HD
monitor, good USB webcam and speakerphone) for the price of 1 existing
commercial room system making it a much more viable solution for institution
wide deployment.


It now supports Outlook integration (only contact list at moment) and H323
URI (hyperlinks) so you can potentially build low cost web based directory

Ie having spranto installed and clicking AARNET MCU (h323:
you can access the AARNET MCU J


There is a contact list of test numbers
<http://www.spranto.com/downloads/files/testcontacts.vcd>  which can be
imported so you can test against public Mirial, Codian, Polycom, Tandberg
and LifeSize sites. 


A number of free license bundles are available for Australia institutions
willing to test how a spranto solution can work for them.  Just drop me an


You can purchase small license bundles "Gerry Harvey" (overseas via the web)
through the spranto.com website.


About Spranto

Spranto is derived from Esperanto. Esperanto is an invented auxiliary
language first used  in the 1800's. It's designed to be used to bridge
common people from different countries.


Spranto has 2 main objectives.

1.        The adoption of standards based video conferencing. 

2.        Have it low cost so the full potential of VC can be realized
especially for education.


Spranto is Australian and open source based (via h323plus) 


Description: logoSpranto

www.spranto.com <http://www.spranto.com/> 


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