[NEWS-L] Juniper Networks selected for AARNet backbone network

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AARNet News  6 July 2005


   M-Series Multi-Service Routing Platforms to Assure Performance and
    Reliability of Australian Research and Education Infrastructure

AUSTRALIA, July 6 2005 --

Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR) today announced that AARNet Pty
Ltd (APL) has selected its M-series routing platform for the Australian
Academic and Research Network (AARNet). APL will deploy Juniper Networks
M320, M40e and M20 routing platforms on its new AARNet3 network.

APL is the not-for-profit company that is building AARNet3, the third
generation of Australia's Academic and Research Network, which will
provide high capacity Internet services to Australia's universities,
research institutions, education and other related organisations. AARNet
serves more than 1,000,000 end users through member institutions and
customers.  In 2004 AARNet delivered almost 1 petabyte (1024 terabytes)
of traffic, and APL expects traffic growth to continue to exceed 50 per
cent per year for several years.

"AARNet is building one of the world's most advanced and wide reaching
networks for future generations," said Chris Hancock CEO of AARNet. "The
exciting activities of astronomy, high energy physics and immersive
multi-media test the boundaries of our network capacity. Astronomy alone
is looking at terabytes nightly.  The flow-on effects in network
development will benefit communications networks around the world.
These networks are now among society's most important infrastructures.
They are vital to so many sectors of our economy."

The AARNet3 backbone network provides 10 gigabits per second from Perth
to Brisbane, enabling customers to connect at gigabit speeds. Juniper
Networks M-series will deliver the reliability, scalability and
performance required to meet the current and future needs of research
and education in Australia.

The M-series uses a high-performance architecture and JUNOS, a proven
carrier class operating system, ensuring industry-leading reliability,
stability and performance to support latency sensitive applications such
as voice, video, and mission critical applications.

AARNet has a reputation of being at the forefront of network design and
innovation and the Juniper Networks platforms will allow AARNet to
continue to deliver existing and emerging advanced services to its

Mark Prior, AARNet's CTO, said: "AARNet is especially impressed by
Juniper's commitment to QA processes and we believe that Juniper's
M-series will enable AARNet to continue to support the deployment of
advanced IP services.  In particular we need to concurrently support
IPv6 and multicast traffic, as well as unicast IPv4 traffic, without any
loss of performance.  We are looking to an operating environment that
enhances the robustness of the network and improves reliability and

"All sophisticated organisations today depend on reliable communications
infrastructure, and research and education institutions in particular
must support experimental and leading-edge network applications and rich
IP-based media communications," said Shaun Page, vice president of
Australia and New Zealand for Juniper Networks. "By selecting the
Juniper Networks M-series, APL is ensuring the performance and
reliability of AARNet to support these next generation applications."

ABOUT AARNET (www.aarnet.edu.au)

AARNet Pty Ltd (APL) is the company that operates Australia's Academic
and Research and Network (AARNet). APL is a not-for-profit company whose
shareholders are 37 Australian universities and the CSIRO.  APL is a
licensed Australian carrier (No 61 under the Australian
Telecommunications Act 1997).

AARNet is recognized internationally as Australia's National Research
and Education Network and is represented on the International Committee
of the Board of Internet2, the Coordinating Committee for
Intercontinental Research Networking, the International Task Force on
Advanced Networks, and the Asia Pacific Advanced Network Backbone
Committee.  It is engaged with the European Commission on research
networking and the support for e-science.

APL is working closely with the Australian Department of Education,
Science and Training (DEST -- <http://www.dest.gov.au/>) to facilitate
the deployment of the Commonwealth Government's Australian Research and
Education Network (AREN) initiative


Juniper Networks is the leader in enabling secure and assured
communications over a single IP network.  The company's purpose-built,
high performance IP platforms enable customers to support many different
services and applications at scale. Service providers, enterprises,
governments and research and education institutions worldwide rely on
Juniper Networks to deliver products for building networks that are
tailored to the specific needs of their users, services and
applications.  Juniper Networks' portfolio of proven networking and
security solutions supports the complex scale, security and performance
requirements of the world's most demanding networks. Additional
information can be found at <http://www.juniper.net/>.

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